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Our Services

Our Services encompasses the Following

Pre - Tender Management :

Quick Method Estimate:
  • Working out costing based on FAR method / On built – up area statement
  • Maintain datas of various completed projects.
Preliminary Estimate:
  • Estimate based on preliminary drawings.
  • Assuming the details before design
Detailed Estimate:
  • Study and understanding the nature of projects / drawings in detail and creating specification report as per the design / detail
  • Quantification of Structural civil works based on the strl. Dwgs / information provided to us
  • Working out the Quantities for the Architectural items in detail inconformity with structural details
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities as per the standard method of practice for all the items of work
  • Preparation of rate analysis with current market rate
  • Preparation of detailed specification
Tender Role:
  • Preparation of Tender document and getting approval from client
  • Shortlist of Venders for all packages
  • Release Tenders for all packages
  • Attending pre – bid clarifications
Post - Tender Management :
  • Receiving Tender & following up the tender procedures
  • Conducting Tender opening meeting with Client
  • Preparing Comparative statement on receipt of Tender
  • Analyse the Quote with respect of Estimate
  • Conducting Negosiation meetings with Vendors
  • Finalization of Contractor
  • Preparation of Contract document and Implimentation of Contract procedures
  • Executing Agreement with Owner and finalized Vendor
  • Monitoring of the Vendors contractual liabilities towards the project including but not limited to Insurances, Labour Licenses, Bonds, Indeminities till the contract closure
Project Management :
  • Safety plan, Risk assessment and Intermitent safety audits would be conducted
  • Preparing Project Milestone Schedule for various / relevant services for on – time completion of the project. The project Milestone schedule would include schedule of Construction, Other agency Involvement and Deliverable of all agencies related to the project
  • Co – ordination / Follow – up with Architects / Consultants for GFC drawings requirement as per schedule
  • Conducting weekly meeting at site with all relevant agencies and preparing Minutes of Meeting (MOM) with details on weekly project Milestone completion and plan to make up Delays
  • Quality monitoring as per the specification with Material approvals, Sample approvals, Testing reports etc
  • Specific Checklists would be maintained for various work at site to ensure stagewise checks
  • Preparing Daily Progress report.
  • Preparing Weekly Progress report
  • Preparing Monthly Progress report
  • Preparing Monthly Delay report
Bill Certification:
  • Acceptence of Contractors bill along with relevant supporting documents
  • Securitization of Running bills on time to time and certify the bills as per the contract conditions
  • Settlement of Non – Tendered items of work along with relevant Running bills based on actual work done at site
  • Assist in resolution of difference & settlement of extra claims
  • Collecting Reconciliation statements for client supplied materials from contractor along with each running bill
Change Order / Variation Order:
  • Procure approvals from Client for change orders & Non tendered items without delay and maintain the status of these Variation Orders
  • Updating the change orders from time to time during the course of execution
  • Follow up and get Amendment to P.O with client and pass on to the contractor
Cost Management:
  • Over all responsibilities for smooth functioning of project right from start date to final bill
  • Advice on updating specification documents to improve out quality / cost saving of work
  • Maintain an updated project Cash flow requirements report
  • Forwarding monthly report to client of Budgeted cost and Actual cost deviations
Handing over the Project:
  • Ensure timely and good Quality commissioning of all aspects of the project.
  • Deliver Operations & Maintenance manuals along with commissioning reports
  • Deliver As – built drawings ( both hard & soft copies )
  • Co – ordinate with all Agencies to ensure Inspections occurs on time
  • Carry out final Inspections with Client
  • Deliver snaglist completion report along with final bill
  • Check and certify final payment to all contractors
  • Issue practicle completion certificates as per requirement of Client
  • Finally Handing over the project to client with all relevant documents